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IMG_0355 (1) Hello Everyone!

My blog will be about looking at the world from a different angle. Entertaining new ideas where we can become more open, grounded, happy and joyous.  I’ve always believed that creativity keeps us buoyant.

Creativity is not always about painting or sculpting, for it can be applied in all areas of our lives: business, education, sports, etc.. It is the one aspect which keeps us young, receptive and flexible in our lives.  Change is the one constant, and we must adapt to it in creative ways.  Inflexibility prevents us from growing, and stagnates our potential.

My blog will hopefully be a counterbalance in your life, for much negativity prevails unfortunately.  It will address current areas, whereby you’ll be able to look at them from a different perspective.  Come up with new ways of thinking, and become your more authentic self.

I’m originally from Los Angeles, and grew up by the sea watching the ebb and flow.  The fluidity of the ocean has always been a great teacher for me, and probably contributed to my creative spirit. I applied creativity in teaching English and Art for many years for Los Angeles City School, and later owned and directed a tutoring center in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I always enjoyed seeing my students discover their true potential and  unique style.

In addition, I have two sons and a daughter who are now grown, and have produced 11 grandchildren who bring much joy in my life.


2 thoughts on “Janet’s Creativity Blog

  1. So proud of you and all the creative endeavors that you courageously dive into whether it be digital painting, the keyboard or the brave new world of anything new that catches your fancy.


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