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Hi, Boomers (Bloomers)!

Well Ladies, It’s either sink or swim in this youth dominated culture where everything has been expanded digitally.  Even images on the internet, Facebook can be blown up to the point that everyone can see those creases, which truly mean that you’ve lived life by basking in the sun too much or endured difficult situations too often. 

My blog is written just for you: Baby Boomers (Baby Bloomers).  How you can make some changes to bring the spring back in your step, kick up your heels and adapt a more youthful demeanor. Not only will your outside be addressed, but what stirs below the surface in your thoughts, dreams and soul be uplifted.

How to acquire a more youthful look:

  1. Wear more casual clothes, as they make us more comfortable, flexible and expressive.  I’ve worn jeans with cute tops for years, and took on a younger persona because of it.  Stretch pants, also, work with fun cotton shirts.  Dressy clothes age us because of the stiffness of hose, tight girdles and underpants, and the formality of looking like “little miss perfect.”  Hell no, we won’t go this route any more!
  2. You’ll resonate more with your kids and Grandchildren.  They will think you’re one cool Mom or Grandma who doesn’t sit on the couch, but runs about the yard gazing at the blueness in the sky, smelling the fragrances of the flowers and tossing balls in the air with your family and friends. 
  3. Exercise will become easier wearing jeans or stretch pants more often.  You won’t need to stop and change, but slip on a pair of tennis shoes and off you go. You’ll be more inclined to step outside and walk or run around the block or visit the gym. 
  4. Increases the probability you’ll wear more comfortable shoes with good tread, especially during the winter months.  Tennis shoes in particular increases our tempo when walking, because we’re able to stay much more active during the day.  I tossed out my high heeled shoes years ago.  Painful, dangerous and disfigurement of feet. During the hot summer months I wear Tevas-love the comfort and coolness they provide.   
  5. Express yourself with sayings on you t shirts or tanks, or tout a favorite image whether it be the ocean, flowers pets, person or favorite places. 

Cool, casual clothes by Janet’s Artworks: Many of my products are on Spring Sale, including leggings.

Thanks for checking out my Blog:

Watch for more youthful enhancing tips coming for Baby Bloomers!

Janet Peters




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