Sometimes we need to approach life from a different angle.  This morning I awoke to more snow-ugh! The whiteness dulling my mood and zeal for creating.  Even two cups of coffee didn’t help lift my spirits.  But as I gazed at the blanched landscape, I began to see it as a blank canvas for creating my day. Putting color back into my life like these Sea Urchins which I painted vividly, giving them life and visibility.

“Sea Urchins”

When we look at our world from a different viewpoint, we’re becoming nonconformist.  And I don’t mean oddball, antisocial or eccentric, but able to think outside the box, out of the norm  and seguing into the unusual, different and creative mode of thought.  Removing ourselves from the well-marked road, we can explore the unknown.  Yet, in the process, we can risk disapproval and censure.  So what!  Break the rules and risk disapproval for awhile in order to express yourself and create something new, vibrantly alive and soulful.  Relax into a new mode of being, and have fun in the process!

Janet Peters




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