Ladies, do you get a little nervous before Valentines’s Day?  Imagining your spouse or boyfriend taking the time to shop for a favorite of yours.  In my case it’s jewelry-how many times have I mentioned it.  Of course, in a subtle manner by pointing out the most expensive earrings in the showcase.  Ha!  

I’ve found by keeping expectations low, I’m never disappointed.  Appreciate the small things, and usually I’m pleasantly surprised when he hands me a very small box.   But it’s the day to day things we do for one another which count, such as:

    1.  The gift of listening-paraphrase what your hear in order to clarify meaning.
    2. Leave a love note on the mirror, in a book or in his briefcase.
    3. Play ” I wish” game with one another.  You’ll learn a lot!
    4. Display a framed picture of  you two smiling in a prominent place.
    5. Practice gratitude for what you do have-kind of a private thing.
    6. Surprise each other-occasionally stop by Victoria’s Secret, etc..
    7.  Start the day with a funny joke: Q. What is a ram’s favorite song on Feb. 14th?  A. I only have eyes for ewe, dear. (probably funnier!)
    8.  Touch base at least one time during the day-don’t over do this!
    9.  Create something together: art, music, game (this could be interesting_  My husband and I use to do Jackson Pollock paintings on huge pieces of masonite with acrylics.  Let our bodies smear paint everywhere.  I won’t go there!
    10. Celebrate holidays together, especially Valentines’ Day. 

hope these ideas will help keep love and sanity alive in your relationship.

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