What are Blocks to Creativity?

“Soaring,” by Janet Peters


The major blocks to creativity are:

1.  Fear

2.  The Need to Conform

3.  Judging too Much

4.  Intolerance to Chaos

5.  Insufficient Motivation

6.  Frustration

7.  Intellectual and Perceptual Blocks

8.  Unrealistic Problem Solving

Creativity, I believe, helps keep us buoyant in this turbulent world.  When we can let go and imagine ways to improve our existence and joy each day.

Whether it’s writing, painting, playing an instrument, designing, innovating-in all realms of life we can create.

Would you like to unleash your powers to create?  If so, follow along on my blogs to discover how.  The first we’ll focus on is Fear.


Throughout our lives we all try to avoid making mistakes, appearing stupid and failing.  But these are roadblocks to creativity, because we must ask questions.  Laying out our unawareness in the open.

The fear of making a mistake immobilizes us to do nothing, which is a mistake in itself.  It’s preferable to have a dozen ideas, even though half of them might be wrong, than to have no ideas at all.

The fear of failure prevents us from lengthening our stride.  Some people never dance for fear of failing on the dance floor, or maybe even falling. Or, staying in a job we loath, because we fear failing in a new career.  Even sports some individuals run from playing a round of golf, tennis, etc. for fear of losing.  How life extinguishing is that.

An essential part of the creative person is the ability to take risks. If you want to play it safe, then you’re not risking failure.  Failing now and again is a requirement to creating something wonderful and new in your world. Allowing  yourself to be afraid, persevere and have courage, these are big steps to becoming more creative.

Have a special journal to jot down ideas of how you’ll achieve this.  Dream about it, visualize it and record it on paper for future use.  Remember if you can imagine something, you can actualize it in your life.  And writing or drawing it increases the probability that it will happen.  Have fun!

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Janet Peters



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