Can You Resonate With Everything in Your World?

“Reflections of Moab,” by Janet Peters

The usual reply I’ve gotten from students through the years is no.  Typically I’d take out random items out of my purse, and display them on the table.  Then I’d ask them “pick an item, any item and see how you can relate to it.”  They would hum and ha at first,  and within a few minutes would start generating words, phrases and sentences depicting how they could resonate with the chosen object.  After the assignment, students became believers that there is nothing in this world you can’t relate with.

If we plumb down into the recesses of our minds, give deep thought, we can help lessen the divide in our world: socially, politically and environmentally.

Try it when you’re waiting on your cell for a live person, or in an office for an appointment.  A fun an amazing integrative, discovery tool where you’ll learn more about yourself and your World.

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