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Life in the Fast Lane!

For the past week, I’ve been observing a Mourning Dove in my Plum tree. Daily this bird sits patiently, motionless on her nest of twigs.  Rarely do I see her eyes blink. Since the wind has been fierce lately, she lays low-her small head nestling into her feathers while protecting her eggs.  I’m amazed at her endurance as the boughs dance to stiff winds.  Still she sits, doesn’t fight it, as her nest is thrust in every direction like it was held to the branch with superglue.   

We on the other hand live in a hurried society; many of us are at the command of our cellphones, as if we were robots.  Some can’t resist answering their phone, or even  text as they drive down the street.  Thereby, risking the lives of others. One second of our eyes off the road can create death and destruction.  Is is worth it?

Other areas of rapid fire living, such as we don’t take time to read the fine print, and complain when we’ve deviated from a plan and get sued.  Browsing in stores is becoming a thing of the past, for most of us prefer (me included) prefer shopping on line instead of taking a leisurely stroll through a bookstore, etc..  Also, children and adults play games on their digital devices instead of interacting with others outside on a beautiful day.  

My Mourning Dove, on the other hand, will sit for another week until her eggs hatch.  Then, she’ll watch over her squabs for another two weeks until they are ready to spread their wings.  

Interesting, how the Mourning Dove sings a soft, drawn-out call, actually more like a lament.  A cry for our society, our stupidity and our unwillingness to slow down and feel the moment, the present tense.

Janet Peters




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