• 9e35ff62-34e6-48c5-9f64-994bcf565adb.jpg._CB291186099__SR970,300_
    51ZFQxOdN+L._SL160_Despite many Americans’
    efforts to eat healthier diets, the Cente6cc4ae1a-2a9e-49bb-a236-5d19eb43f7de.jpg._CB290661555__SL220__r for Disease Control (CDC) reported in 2015 that 10% of Americans have a qualified nutrient deficiency! Even the healthiest diet has gaps that may only be filled by supplements, like our multivitamins formulated by Dr. Low Dog. Trust us, when you’re getting as much as you should, you’ll definitely feel the difference.
  • THE SMARTER MULTIVITAMIN MegaFood multivitamins are gender and age specific to meet the unique nutritional needs of men and women during the varying phases of life. Each serving offers 70% or more of the suggested Daily Value intake of key nutrients, providing you with what you need to balance out your diet while leaving out what you don’t.
  • GENTLE+EASY TO DIGEST: FoodState Nutrients are made with whole foods to provide essential vitamins and minerals that are easy-to-digest and gentle on the body, even when taken on an empty stomach. You aren’t limited to when you can integrate MegaFood into your day.
  • OLDER,BETTER, STRONGER: As our bodies age, what we require from our multivitamin changes. Multi for Women 55+ is formulated to meet those needs. 1000 IU of Vitamin D works to support already healthy bones and mood, while Zinc and B Vitamins were included for the benefits they provide in aiding normal brain and cardiovascular function.
  • QUALITY MARKED, FARM TO TABLET: Since 1973, MegaFood has been committed to making products that use real food from family-owned farms to make a real difference. We partner with a team of scientists at the University of New Hampshire to identify which fresh whole foods are the best to deliver vitamins and minerals while ensuring the freshness of the foods we start with is delivered in every tablet we make.

I read that Dr. Weil recommended MegaFood for better  health and energy.  I started taking this vitamin two years ago, and my health has improved appreciably.  Vitamins composed of fresh vegetables and fruit: brown rice, carrots, brocolli & oranges…all natural and good for your body.  

Believe me, it works!   Links below for MegaFood Multi Womens 55+, Women One Daily, Women Over 40 and Men’s One a Day

Janet Peters



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