Robert_Kardashian_Srimages (31)


6TH Grade with Robert Kardashian

One afternoon, Mrs. Cutshall, invited us to go to the auditorium.  Her smile was broader that day,  and after we entered she walked over to a record player, and turned on “Rock Around the Clock.” A totally new song, new beat,  and she even demonstrated how to dance to this new genre in music. How clumsy we were moving around the dance floor.  Thinking back, what a cool teacher she was.  We were her last class before retiring, but still she exhibited an exceptionally  young  body and mind.

Have you found Robert, yet?  In the left photo he’s standing in the last row, second from the right.  I remember him being a friendly boy, sometimes a little on the serious side.  But when the weekend came, our class was invited to his home-it was party time!  Also, it was the first time I ever played ‘Spin the Bottle.’ Did we actually kiss?  Damn right we did! What open-minded parents he had, Helen and Arthur.

Many Fridays Helen would bring over Armenian bread for my family.  A spicy bread with ground meat-absolutely delicious!  A great family, nice memories!

Ironically, Robert passed away in ’03 two weeks before my husband, Clint, died on Oct. 8th.  I’ve always been reminded of Mrs. Cutshall dancing to the new sound of Rock; we all must keep buoyant, involve ourselves in pursuits which feed our souls-keep dancing through life!

M. Janet Peters (don’t ask me my first name, I won’t tell you. Ha!)




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