An earache woke mimages (30)e up this morning, and made me feel very asymmetrical.  Lopsided.  Due to the fact, the temperature has gone up, and a blast of refrigerated air caused my Eustachian  tube to close up…ouch!

 How did I cure it?         

 Amazingly,  with one clove of garlic diced  and placed in 1/4 of a cup of olive oil.  Of course,  I  strained it first.  Then, I let it stand for a few hours, and then dripped the magic gold  into my ear.  Wow!  Earache gone,  back to my symmetrical self. (well, not completely)                              download (15) (B)

Another method which I’ve used is saline solution poured from a neti pot.  Salt is a healing medium.  When I was young, my knees and elbows were always scuffed from playing hard with the boys.  Mother would take me down to the ocean and let the salty sea heal my wounds, and yes, did I howl!   But it worked every time.  At the end of this blog are a few links to the saline solution/neti pot.

I believe there are always natural approaches to healing; either way, both these methods constitute pure nature.  






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