Beachcomber7painterx3                                                                                                                           Janet Peters

Every time I look at my painting hanging in my den, it evokes a calmness like I felt in the Grand Cayman Islands years ago when I put my watercolor brush to paper.  Color really does effect our moods from causing anxiety to a feeling of cheerfulness.

Color can be a cultural experience, for the color white represents purity in the Western countries, and a symbol of mourning in many Eastern countries.  

Color has a powerful effect on our moods, emotions and feelings, and can have even a physiological reaction in our bodies.  Does the color blue make you feel relaxed or depressed, or does the color red cause agitation?  Not only the hue, but the various shades of a color can have a profound influence in our psychology.  That is why artists and designers are very selective when choosing their colors for the viewer.  

When you choose a specific color for a product, it tells a lot about you.  Do you favor the warmer tones over the cooler ones?  Depending on the season, the day or even hour our choices for color can be in flux.  Color is always subjective, yet basic colors do have universal meaning.

  • Yellow: happy and more willing to take risks  Red:  projects power, action and confidence
  •  Blue:  color of stability and safety
  •  Silver:  high tech-modern
  •  White:  fresh & clean
  •   Black:  mysterious, sexy, ominous, yet powerful   Gray:  very subtle-don’t want to   stand out
  •  Green:  fresh and new

Our choices of colors tell a lot about us.  Our preferences can make a statement how we want other people to perceive us.  Gender and age, also, can influence the colors we choose.  At the end of this blog are links to books on color, including  one which focuses on its healing powers.

When I had my paintings printed on t-shirts and totes, I hoped they would elicit a feeling of happiness, calmness and a sense of soulfulness, essentially wearable art. Take a look at my website, for I’ve added some new designs.

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