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Eating Healthy Snacks:

During the day snacks can totally trip us up.  Since I love ice cream, I find myself close to the freezer quite often.  Sometimes, I even smear peanut butter on vanilla bean ice cream.  Ouch!   

When my children were young, I wish I had snacks delivered to my home that were organic and natural.   It took many years for this to happen, and a few years back it did.  Love With Food became available. 

Our choices, regarding food,  make profound differences  in our health.  People ask me all the time why I’m so healthy and look so young?  The answer is, because I take only vitamin supplements and eat organically and non GMO.  We can take charge of our lives, but demanding jobs, family and responsibilities make it very difficult.  Many times, fast food  becomes the only option we have due to lack of time and energy.  But the health of our family depends on eating right.  We are what we eat!

Love With Food is a monthly snack box subscription service; the easiest way to snack smart and do good for your body.  For only $7.99  a month you’ll receive the best, delicious, organic and all natural snacks  delivered right to your door.  Benefits of these snacks: no artificial flavors or colors, no high frutose corn syrup, no hydrogenated oils and organic and natural.  Also, for every box sent, a meal is donated free to hungry children in America, and you can cancel at any time. Between  16-20  healthy snacks will be delivered every month, and gluten free options are available.  At the end of this article is a link to Love With Food.  MADE IN CALIFORNIA

When marketing try to stay away from the center aisles , and concentrate on the outside where fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy snacks are available.  Farmer’s markets are a good alternative, too.  

Let’s make a pledge to eat healthy!

Janet Peters

email: for more information


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