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“Planet of the Apes,” was filmed just below my parents’ home in Malibu, and what a production it was.  The immense creativity to have come up with such a strong and memorable statement.  The American public will never forget it.  

When we view a film, most of us don’t think about the creativity that went into formulating a story that would eventually be viewed on screen.  Many hours went into brainstorming, designing, writing and bringing it to light for the public.  The aspect of thinking outside the box.  

How can we achieve it?  How important is it in our lives?  When we’re creating we’re spawning new ideas, and bringing them into reality. It’s when we see patterns in our world, and make connections.  We think, then we create.

In our digital day and age left-brain linear thinking is being replaced by right-brain inventiveness.  Why?  Because, it gives us a competitive edge in all fields of endeavors: business, education, science, etc.. Many times it concerns about improving an existing idea and expanding on it.  



  • GENERATE as many ideas as you can.
  • INCUBATE your ideas in your subconscious.  let them marinate during sleep and during the day.
  • PERCOLATE is when your ideas pop into your mind.
  • EVALUATE is necessary for quality.  Editing improves the quality of our output.

Try, experiment with these steps…I know they will make an appreciable difference in your life!

Janet Peters








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