The True Fountain of Youth

How to Stay Young:
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                                                                                     Grandma Moses: 101

Not only did Ponce de Leon search for that Fountain of Youth, but Alexander the Great in 400 B.C. did, also-both searched for that magical water supply that would reverse aging.   As we all know, they never  achieved finding that healing river of paradise, for it never existed.  

Since I’m originally from Los Angeles,  I observed how most people were investing so much of their time and money  trying to stay perpetually young.  Purchasing facial creams, Botox treatments or even plastic surgery  hoping they will look young forever. For, their hands, energy, health will eventually belie it.  When youth is focused on the external only a vapidness is the result.  The lack of passion, that gleam in the eye and bounce in your step can only be achieved through creation.  Only we are in control of how we look, feel and behave.

How to achieve It: 

When we’re creating, time literally stops, because art is nontemporal-beyond time. During those times when we’re either creating a painting, composing a new song, sculpting a bust, or choreographing  new dance steps time is suspended.  We truly stop aging.  Great artist in the past, such as Grandma Moses living to 101, Pablo Picasso who painted 80 of his 91 years, Irving Berlin lived to 101, even Chuck Berry shook up the music world until 89-all lived to a ripe old age, fully alive and creating until the end.  
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If you desire to stay buoyant both body, mind and spirit, find an artistic endeavor which feeds your soul.  Age is modifiable, more than people realize.  The ability to draw on new potential while aging creates growth.  Being psychologically in touch with our inner life with our outer life expresses our human potential clear up to the end of our lives.  Even our T cells, immune enhancing, are positively improved when we’re absorbed in creating, thus we live longer.   

Discover what you’re passionate about, and begin living a more joyous, productive and much longer life.  CREATE=LIFE

Janet Peters

                                   Irving Berlin: 101

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