Loosen Your Creative Juices

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                        By Janet Peters

“Originality is a fresh pair of eyes.”  Woodrow Wilson

The biggest block to creativity is fear.  Children don’t have a fear of falling, for they are immersed in the present tense.  Fully engaged with creating out of simple things: rocks, wood, paper, crayons, blocks, etc..  It’s only when a child turns around ten yrs. old that perfection can over rule being original.  Girls and boys have to draw exactly how they’re viewing the object, whether it’s a car, a friend or scene at the beach.  But it’s the artist to be who can persevere through this period-push past the fear of not being perfect.

Our world seems to esteem the rational, logical, linear mind, while the intuitive, feeling and nonlinear ways of thinking are pushed into the background.  We don’t trust those faint whisperings that are trying to redirect our thinking, help us to look at the world from a different angle.  When stress prevents us from relaxing, rigidity stems flexibility and judgment takes over being open-minded, we stop the process of thinking outside of the box.  We need to tune into our creative rhythms like tuning into a wave length on a radio, and discover our own unique biorhythms.  Mornings for some of us is the best time to produce, while others prefer the night.  Learn to trust your instincts when the time is best for you to create.

There are four steps to creativity:

  1. Generate…assemble all your information
  2. Incubate…rest & relax
  3. Percolate…ideas pop up into your mind-don’t judge!
  4. Evaluate…edit

Whether you’re working with words or objects, these steps will facilitate being creative.  Follow through with them, and  you’ll come to realize how effective they are in loosening  your creative juices.

Magical tips:

  • Free association (Brain Storm)-webbing or clustering ideas on a piece of paper.  Draw a circle in the middle and include your topic.  Then add spokes coming out and free associate as many words, or objects that you can.
  • Verbs: other uses, adaptability, modify, magnify, substitute, rearrange, realize and combine/ write on 3″ x 5″ cards and mix up
  • Forced connections-Go into another room and find a few objects and then see how they are like or unlike the problem you’re considering.  Also, think how any object can relate to yourself in some way.
  • Step outside words and think only in objects.  Words can confine us sometimes, and prevent solving problems.
  • Create a dream world, which is your own private space where  you can go anytime to create.
  • Doodle
  • Feel the solution
  • Tap into your unconscious through relaxation and meditation.
  • Concentrate on remembering your dreams before you go to bed.

Fluency and flexibility are keys to creativity.  Being playful and willing to take risks makes all the difference-so what if you fall and have to stand up again.  Remember that creativity can be used in all facets of life, whether you’re in business, construction, education, etc..Don’t equate creativity with being an artist or sculptor only, for it’s available to you if you begin to apply it in your daily life.  CREATE!

 Website: http://www.janetpetersart.com


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