Tulips_painterx3Good Morning!

“Creativity is so delicate a flower that praise tends to make it bloom while discouragement often nips it in the bud.”

Alex F. Osborn

I began this morning pondering this quote over my French Roast Coffee.  From the beginning, I do believe it is so delicate, children especially exhibit this characteristic.  If young girls around 12 yrs. of age can’t approximate their family in their initial drawings, they have a tendency to give up and seek other areas where they can excel.  Boys around 12 yrs. of age are also super sensitive to their drawings of cars, planes and motorcycles.  Drawings have to be exact in every detail, and when they don’t meet their expectations, they also give up on a life time of art.  But what is the one element that differentiates the artist from the non artists?  That is perseverance.  The ability to push through that initial fear, not caring about what other people think, but how they individually connect with their inner muse.  Evolving into a life of full-blast living…creativity!  By the way, Rollo May has written some wonderful books on the subject.

We must be fearless in our pursuits of expression, whatever the form.  Pleasing ourselves first, then the public.

(painting above: “Tulips in the Rain”)



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