Good Morning!

Oh my gosh, the baby Robins flew away sometime this morning.  I’ve been observing them for weeks in their quest for flight.  Mother and Dad nourishing them with wiggly worms, while protecting them from predators.  Within a span of just 2 weeks, those fledglings left their nest in the crotch of our tree to soar into the sky.  What muscular strength exhibited for such tiny, lovely creatures.

Nevertheless, I’m trying to soar with words on my screen, which is staring at me blankly.   I want to scrawl across it a new short story that has conflict and interest.  Something that I’m pulling from my unconscious, or that rarefied air above…I know it’s there.  I believe that things are created in the immaterial state before they are manifested on the physical plane.  Just like Edison at Menlo Park during his afternoon naps, literally pulled his  ideas from the ethers.

Back to thinking, my fingers, my mind need that muscular strength of our robins.  Strong words, muscular verbs I know are most important… that is what I taught my students’ for years.  Most people believe that adjectives are the essential part of a sentence of expression, but specific nouns and actions verbs overshadow them every time. Muscular verbs have the power to wake up a sentence, a paragraph, or piece of fiction or nonfiction.

Maybe I need another sip of coffee.

Janet                                      “Pelicans on the Pond” (sorry, my painting is not of robins…I must paint them!)



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