Let’s Talk About Creativity

Good Morning!

Again, another windy day, even the pine trees are being quite ruffled.  Today I do want to mention what sparks creativity.  First, begin  making connections between different things like a blue sky and a crayon or a pencil and a car, etc..What is the relationship between them?  You, yourself, also can relate to anything in the world.  I use to ask my students, after emptying the contents of my purse on the table, which item can you relate to?  How about trying another and another.  They didn’t believe me at first, but finally realized that they could relate in some way to everything in the world.  To get your creative juices going, try this.

By the way, I’m watching 5 Days on Amazon, which is a HBO (British) series.  Excellent, don’t miss it, full of suspense.

“The Blue Umbrella

Have a gr8 day! I’m  attaching one of my painting with this blog.Blue Umbrella1_painterx3_bak




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